Our Beliefs


  • The Bible is innerant, infallible and inspired
  • Man is a unique and a direct creation of God as recorded in Genesis.
  • Man was created in innocence in God’s image but voluntarily sinned and therefore all men are now sinners by nature and choice, utterly devoid of that righteousness required by the law and thus under just condemnation to an eternal punishment in hell.
  • Christ died for our sins as a substitutionary sacrifice and all who repent and believe in Him are declared righteous.
  • Salvation is by grace (undeserved) and through faith (not by effort on our part) in Christ.
  • All who are truly born again are eternally secure in God’s salvation.
  • Christ’s return for His Church will be personal and premillenial.
  • All men will experience bodily resurrection, the unsaved to everlasting punishment, the saved to everlasting life.


6 Crucial Truths

1. God created us for his glory

2. It is the duty of every person to live for the glory of God

3. Man failed to glorify God by choosing to disobey him

4. The punishment for sin is eternal condemnation

5. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners

6. Turn from your sin and trust the Savior