Read the New Testament in 60 Days!

Reading God’s Word and meditating on it daily is essential to growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of you do not have a habit of daily Bible reading and we would like to help you start one. Starting Monday, September 27, we encourage you to read the entire New Testament with us in 60 days! We will do this through the YouVersion Bible App, which can be used on your phone and/or computer.

Through this app, everyone will be able to see who read their Bible chapters that day and who did not. Talk about accountability! There will also be a space for you to share a verse that stood out to you in the comment section. The comment section is only to share a verse, and not designed for questions or theological points. We encourage you to talk about those with your brothers and sisters in Christ, family, community groups or someone in leadership.
Feel free to invite friends, but please make sure they know the rules about commenting. For those who complete this plan in 60 days, we will throw a group party/celebration for you.